Hi, I am Dr. Wagner Braga, with a degree in Dentistry and a Master's in Implantology. I am responsible for BRAZIL DENTISTRY, where I lead a highly qualified team dedicated to providing excellent dental treatments.

At our clinic, we use the most advanced materials and technologies, with a special focus on guided dental implant surgery. This modern technique allows, in most cases, the placement of implants to be minimally invasive, eliminating the need for cuts or stitches. This process is not only more comfortable for you during the treatment but also facilitates a quick and effective recovery.

Choosing Brazil Dentistry means opting for specialized care in an inspiring environment. My goal is to ensure a comfortable experience in the treatments, transforming your smile and your life.

Why Brazil?

Brazil is known for having the best doctors and dentists in the world and for offering the best services when it comes to aesthetics. Due to currency variation, you can get high-quality services by paying, on average, one-third of the price you would pay in the US.

The quality of the materials used here is the same as those used worldwide, coming from the bests manufacturers, however, with a much lower cost due to the difference in the exchange rate between our currency and the dollar.

In short, you can have an over-the-top treatment and a fantastic trip for a much lower price than the same treatment offered in the US.

I'm Dr. Wagner Braga, and I want to be the person to help you realize and accomplish your dream of having a beautiful and healthy smile.

Our clinic is here to serve you with many different treatment options.

In addition to dental implants, we offer a complete service within dentistry and facial aesthetics:

We are willing to assist you with accommodation, transportation, tours, and any other situations that may arise during your visit.

Belo Horizonte